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CLUSTER Health - Horizon Europe Brokerage Event 2022

Don't miss the opportunity to get involved in the next Horizon Europe 2022 Health proposals!

OPEN until 31st January 2022 | 17:30 CET

The European action Bridge2HE together with the European Commssion and Enterprise Europe Network is organizing the next Horizon Europe Brokerage Event on the 2022 Cluster Health call for proposals.

This international partnering event will help you to build your consortium for the upcoming 2022 calls of the 2021-2022 Health Work Programme.

Why participate

  • Get all information needed on the upcoming Horizon Europe calls in the Cluster Health Work Programme.
  • Meet potential partners from Europe and beyond and start building your consortium.

Target audience

Any applicant eligible to Horizon Europe calls: companies, universities, research and technology organizations, public sector, NGOs, hospitals, patients associations…

The event will be organized in one main session for you to maximize the impact of your attendance:

Bilateral Meetings10:00 - 17:30 CET

The brokerage event will be organized via the online features of B2match system. This means you will be able to have your face-to-face meetings from wherever you are currently working. All you need to have is laptop/computer with stable internet connection, microphone/headset (mandatory) and web camera (not mandatory). From organizational point of view:

  • a guide on how to run online meetings is available on How it works sections, please also check this VIDEO
  • you also need to update your time zone with your own time zone, otherwise all meeting hours will be displayed in the event's time zone

Participation in the event is free of charge!, but registration and profile activation is mandatory to attend the brokerage event. When registering fill in also at least one Marketplace Item (= Add project cooperation) with information what exactly you offer or request within the scope of the calls.

Closed since 31 January 2022
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Participants 1514
Meetings 1307
Spain 318
Türkiye 174
Italy 164
Portugal 98
United Kingdom 71
Greece 63
Belgium 58
France 49
Germany 46
Ireland 42
Austria 39
Romania 36
Finland 36
Poland 35
Switzerland 24
Israel 21
Norway 21
Denmark 20
Netherlands 18
Georgia 17
Lithuania 15
Czech Republic 14
Cyprus 14
Slovenia 13
Slovakia 12
Luxembourg 11
Serbia 11
Sweden 9
Bulgaria 8
Kosovo 7
Latvia 5
Ukraine 5
Estonia 5
Thailand 4
United States 4
Hungary 4
Malta 4
India 3
Croatia 3
Belarus 2
Moldova, Republic Of 2
Mexico 2
Dominican Republic 2
Bolivia 1
Greenland 1
Russia 1
French Guiana 1
Kyrgyzstan 1
Libya 1
Ghana 1
Armenia 1
Montenegro 1
Colombia 1
Jordan 1
Iceland 1
Nigeria 1
Tunisia 1
North Macedonia 1
Somalia 1
Algeria 1
Total 1526
University 529
Company (SME) 326
R&D Institution 303
Other 104
Association/Agency/Cluster 68
Consultancy 67
Company (Industry) 62
Authority/Goverment 52
NCP 15
Total 1526
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